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Intervalterview is up!

The interview with the Interval is up. I got to talk with PLUS Lakisha Michelle May of “Sojourners” at NYTW, Chinasa Ogbuagu of “Sojourners” and “Her Portmanteau” at NYTW, and Sarah Street of “Rebel in the Soul” at the Irish Repertory Theatre -- all about working off-broadway, premiering new plays, and what it's like to be a female performer!

Check it out by clicking here!

From left: Sarah Street, Lakisha Michelle May, Annie Dow, and Chinasa Ogbuagu.

From left: Sarah Street, Lakisha Michelle May, Annie Dow, and Chinasa Ogbuagu.

Theatre really is our one chance to kind of get in on the ground floor and bring what we have to the table, outside of our craft, in terms of our opinions. I think it’s the one time where you have all the hats. There’s different ways to solve problems in a play. If there’s a problem with the play, and the playwright isn’t around to solve it, you have to solve it as a director or you have to solve it as an actor. When you have a playwright in the room, you get all those three hats, and you get to be like, ‘Oh, okay, this moment is not really quite what we want it, is it the playwright, is it the director, is it the actor who has to solve it’” To me, that’s very exciting, and sometimes it’s a combination. It’s also the suspense of, ‘Does this play work? Do people get what we’re putting out?’ It’s always really rewarding when you have that first showing and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, they get it.’
The Reviews are Pouring In!

If you haven't checked out the show yet, you may wanna read this lovely valentine by Michael Feingold from the Village Voice! 

For more praise, check out my press page!

Whether playing crestfallen or exhilarated, frenetic with anxiety or exploding in fury, Dow manages at each moment to take the feeling precisely up to its edge — and stop there.
— Michael Feingold, The Village Voice
Stage and Candor Interview

Had a lovely sit-down with my co-star, Eddie Martinez, and Margarita Javier from Stage and Candor. Check out the full interview by clicking here!

Photo Credit: Emma Pratte.

Photo Credit: Emma Pratte.

And I think at the same time it’s important to talk about creating that diverse audience. So especially theaters in the city they’ll put on this great Latino play or this great Middle Eastern play, and then where are the audiences? A lot of the time there is no culture of going to the theater because the theater has not provided anything that is interesting to us, and has been to a certain degree unwelcoming. I mean, for some people it has been dangerous to go out and participate in community events like theatergoing. So being able to reach out to these communities and continue engaging them is, I think, very important.



Introduce Your(selfie)!

Had a digital sit-down with Broadwaybox about Fade at Primary Stages. Read it here!


I think the general impression of the Latinx community in the American discourse is that we’re somehow all the same, or we’re somehow all one group. But there’s so much diversity in terms of socioeconomic background, language, ethnicity, nationality, and lived experience that I’m consistently disappointed that we’re always painted with such a broad brush.

I'll be starring in the world premiere of Tanya Saracho's FADE starting on January 25th. The limited engagement is produced by Primary Stages and will be directed by Jerry Ruiz over at the Cherry Lane theater. Eddie Martinez will also star.

This will be my off-broadway debut.

For tickets and performance details, you can go here. Here's a link to the cast announcement on Playbill.

More to come! Yay!