Comedic Clips


The brainchild of Tony Spiridakis (Queens Logic, Tinseltown), Greenport is a pilot about a man trying to raise his autistic teenage son while also making a movie about...well, raising his autistic teenage son. This project is hilarious, heartwarming, and I'm very proud to have been a part of it. The show stars Rob Hancock and Dimitri Spiridakis, as well as Geoffrey Owens. Directed by Shannon Goldman. 

A Friend named barry

A comedic sketch about a young woman who receives a house call from her boss during Super Bowl Sunday. Oh, also: I directed it!


Dramatic Clips

Respirar (Esteban García Vernaza)

Respirar is about the impossible choices that immigrant women on the outskirts of society have to face in order to survive. This particular scene never made it into the film, but I loved working on it. You can see it here in Spanish. The wonderful José Cagigal plays Andrés.

TOOTH (Clara roquet)

Tooth is a beautiful short film was written and directed by Clara Roquet (SXSW and SIFF award-winner) about the pains a mother and daughter experience as they grow away from each other -- literal growing pains. Mimi Quillin plays the mother.  

I Love you...But I lied (LMN)

The title says it all! This juicy, reality TV-esque drama is the brainchild of Emmy-nominated Michael Selditch. Someone loves someone...WHO LIED!!

A day out (Michael Craft)

Another Spanish-language film, this one written and directed by Michael Craft. The film's about an affair. and it also stars Andres Eyzaguirre. It's in Spanish. 

Commercial Work