Narration time...

Got to work on my very first audiobook yesterday with Penguin Random House. Feeling pretty tired, but also pretty proud :)

More details to come...


Hello from the North Sea!

After the wonderful whirlwind that was Motherfreakinghood @ NYMF, it's time to take a much deserved vacation. See you on the other side!


Opening Night!

We opened! Feeling great :D

All of us :)

All of us :)


TFW you're a week away from opening night :P

Harriet D. Foy, Erin Leigh Peck, Veronica Reyes-How, and Annie Dow. 

Harriet D. Foy, Erin Leigh Peck, Veronica Reyes-How, and Annie Dow. 

Yo, get your tickets!

Maybe we're having a little bit too much fun at rehearsal. Either way, it's time for you to follow this link and get your tickets - we're already selling out!



Remember that pilot I told you about? The trailer's here! 'Greenport' will be opening the Northfork TV Festival in September :)

Booth selfie!

Had a great time at Honeymix yesterday!


NYMF Opening Night

Got to hang out at the NYMF opening night party last night. Here's a couple of pics from the red carpet...

Erin Leigh Peck, Harriet D. Foy, Annie Dow, and Veronica Reyes-How.

Erin Leigh Peck, Harriet D. Foy, Annie Dow, and Veronica Reyes-How.

(Most but not all of) the cast and creatives!

(Most but not all of) the cast and creatives!

First Day of Rehearsal!

Cats out of the bag: I'm working on a hilarious little musical called Motherfreakinghood with the fab Terry Berliner!

Nothing makes you feel more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than the first day of rehearsal:)





Ooh...just got an offer to work on a NYMF show. Very excited about this one. more details to come...

Me and Marilyn

I keep forgetting to post audiobook gigs. But lookit: I got to work with my buddy Marilyn again last week :)


Intervalterview is up!

The interview with the Interval is up. I got to talk with PLUS Lakisha Michelle May of “Sojourners” at NYTW, Chinasa Ogbuagu of “Sojourners” and “Her Portmanteau” at NYTW, and Sarah Street of “Rebel in the Soul” at the Irish Repertory Theatre -- all about working off-broadway, premiering new plays, and what it's like to be a female performer!

Check it out by clicking here!

From left: Sarah Street, Lakisha Michelle May, Annie Dow, and Chinasa Ogbuagu.

From left: Sarah Street, Lakisha Michelle May, Annie Dow, and Chinasa Ogbuagu.

Theatre really is our one chance to kind of get in on the ground floor and bring what we have to the table, outside of our craft, in terms of our opinions. I think it’s the one time where you have all the hats. There’s different ways to solve problems in a play. If there’s a problem with the play, and the playwright isn’t around to solve it, you have to solve it as a director or you have to solve it as an actor. When you have a playwright in the room, you get all those three hats, and you get to be like, ‘Oh, okay, this moment is not really quite what we want it, is it the playwright, is it the director, is it the actor who has to solve it’” To me, that’s very exciting, and sometimes it’s a combination. It’s also the suspense of, ‘Does this play work? Do people get what we’re putting out?’ It’s always really rewarding when you have that first showing and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, they get it.’

Interview with The Interval

Had a lovely fireside chat with The Interval today about being and actress and working Off-Broadway.

I'll post it here soon as it's up!

Our Elemental episode is up!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Keith Medelis from the Elemental podcast was kind enough to interview the cast and creatives behind Morning in America at Primary Stages. 

You can catch the episode below. I show up around the 6:10 mark. 

We’re trying so hard to put all these feelings that we have, we’re desperate to put them SOMEWHERE and have something reflected back at us that isn’t like, the news, right? We’re desperately craving that reflection, I think. Yeah, It’s interesting. It’s a weird time. It’s like we’re all teenagers again, we’re all just like, ‘Is anyone feeling like I am? Am I all alone in this?’

Back to work!

Shortest vacation ever. Happy to be back at the booth for this secret VO yesterday. Repeat clients are the best!

Closing Night!

Oh man, that was fast! Had a great time at our closing night last night. Thanks to everyone who came to see our wonderful show. 

On to the next one!

Obligatory selfie!

Obligatory selfie!



Podcasting with Elemental!

Got a chance to sit down with the folks of the Elemental Podcast and perform one of my monologues from Morning in America and chat about my experience working on the benefit!

Our episode should air in a few weeks! Stay tuned!